Since the West was won, the cathouse has been the great Western Institution. Today, it,s bigger, better and more exciting than ever.

Just 40 miles north of Las Vegas in scenic Nye County, the world's oldest profession is booming. And it's operated more efficiently than ever.

The girls are more beautiful. It is a treat to your eyes to behold the elaborate surroundings. So gorgeous and comfortable you won’t want to leave.

The whorehouse names are also much more fanciful. There's the Cherry Patch; the Cherry Patch 2... and Mabel,s Whorehouse.

And around the state, other formal names that trade on the appetite for sex, such as the Mustang. "Supermarkets Of Sex" doesn't fairly describe today's houses of prostitution.

There's a personal touch to the business.

The girls display a genuine concern for the male patrons and satisfying their needs (and, often, their dreams).

Many Las Vegas visitors have returned to their rose-covered cottages in the East with lingering memories of their visit to girls so beautiful that they can grace the centerfold of magazines.. .and are right there for the asking (and the paying).

Amargosa Vailey is one of the loveliest areas in Nye County, as beautiful on the highway as it is from the air - the ideal sight for pleasures to be found at its many whorehouses.

It is also one of the fastest-growing communities in the United States, at 20 percent a year, and the future looks brighter than ever.

For tourists, there couldn't be a safer way to have sex than at one of the Amargosa Valley brothels.

The girls who work at the brothels are inspected by a physician weekly for genital disease and it is virtually non-existent.

A prerequisite to sex with the girls is that they make their own inspection of each customer's sexual organs and they are well-trained in this area.

If any disease is spotted, the customer is, of course, respectfully refused service. The chances are amazingly slim that a customer will pick up any sort of disease whatsoever at a house of prostitution in Amargosa Valley, Nevada.

Perhaps it's because of the romantic Western idea of traditional whorehouses still being run that fascinates people, but readers also love to hear the latest news about the various houses.

The Cherry Patch and Mabel's Whorehouse, a mere 21 miles from the Clark County line, are the closest and perhaps the easiest of all Nevada's legal brothels to find. They're about an hour's drive from the center of Las Vegas.

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